Day 3…consultation pre IUI

Have you ever made an appointnent for something and hung up the phone feeling anxious?? Welp, today I made “the” call. This call was to inquire about the steps re IUI with the obstetrician and boy oh boy was I nervous!! I got off the phone having scheduled Tuesday, ┬áSeptember 19th at 5pm for my consultation. Included in this visit will be bloodwork and a sonogram. Ugghh, I hate needles, and exactly how does this initial sonogram work? I better start getting comfortable with the intrusiveness that is about to be a regular thing.. ­čśö

Good news is – they accept my insurance..woohoo! So, hopefully, there will be minimal out of pocket expenses. I’m aware the sperm will be of cost, though. The person I spoke with was easy to talk to and she answered my questions with no issues. She also listed a number of other sperm banks to consider (I already have some top choices). She (Jenny) made me feel at ease over the phone as though they have done this 1 million and 1 times, lol, which they have of course – haha! But somehow, I know I will be in good hands. The obstetrician was in fact recommended by close friends who recently had their beautiful and healthy baby girl Grace. They are lesbian mommies who speak highly of this particular doctor, so I’m feeling confident in that respect. I called one of my best friends right after (my wife was unavailable at the moment) and she helped calm me down, and also told my big sister who has 4 kids already…so she will be (and already is) amazing support.

The jitters are coming from…”Is this really freaking happening?!?!” I know I barely hit step 1, but this still feels surreal. Oh, and no smoking since Monday. Go me! Having this appoinment just solidified everything. Aww man, sleep tonight should be, well, interesting.

Until next time…xo

Day 1..our path to IUI

I felt a desire to blog. I have just returned from a 2 week trip to Jamaica with my wife, and it was amazing. It was my 34th birthday, and this marks a very special moment for us. We celebrated like crazy while away, and now we begin a new chapter together. Parenting.

My wife, first of all, has agreed to our parenting journey, which is incredible. We’ve been married for a year and 4 months and met in June 2012. We planned my Jamaica birthday extravaganza, fully aware that when we return, our focus will be starting a family. What comes with that responsibility is a healthy lifestyle. Before the trip, I introduced BeachBody into our daily lives, and it’s improved our home. This has been a pivotal change for us, and now I’m excited to share (as regularly as possible) our parenting journey.

A big part of introducing BeachBody was to prepare my body to be as healthy and fit as possible. The timeline we’re looking at begins in October with doctor visits, IUI procedure, etc. Here’s the catch…I’ll have to stop smoking (not cigarettes) as part of my dedication to healthy body/healthy baby. We are Jamaican and smoking is a huge part of our culture. Well, I’ve set a goal to not smoke as of the Monday (today) after returning from our trip. I’m proud to say, this is day 1, and I’ve done great! My wife is supportive and encouraging, so that helps me stay strong. I think blogging this journey will be surprisingly helpful and healing as I get through the phases of pregnancy, motherhood and overall growth. Most importantly, looking back on this will be enjoyable, with tears, laughs and love.

Until tomorrow…